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Eye Opening

What’s the Difference between vision and sight.

What’s the Difference between vision and sight.

Where do you see you? You don’t actually think and see with your eyes. A scientist will tell you sight actually occurs in your mind. Ask yourself what’s the difference between Vision and Sign, Vision vs Sight. Note you see me in your mind. Close your eyes and image a bottle, you can probably see it better with your eyes closed than open. If you don’t think so imagine the inside of this bottle. Can you see it better now with your eyes open, imagine the color of the liquid. Imagine the inside lining of the bottle.

The weary travelers…

Earl Nightingale:  Has a great story where he says. A weary traveler approached a wise man and asked, “What type of people live in this town?”

The wise man said, “What type of people live in the town you just left?”

The weary traveler responded, “Evil, self-righteous, back stabbing, people with hateful hearts and spirits.

The wise man replied, “You will find the same type of people hear.”

A more jovial traveler approached the same wise man and asked the same question. The Wiseman asked him the same question as he had asked the weary traveler.

However, what was difference was the response of this happy traveler. He said, “Kind, fun, people, with cheerful and gracious spirits.”

The wise man of course answered, “You’ll find the same kind of people here.”

As the traveler walked off into the distance his young student asked. “Why did you give them contradictory advice?”

The wise man replied, “I didn’t give them contradictory advice. The world is actually a reflection of yourself. Each of those men will find what they reflect in the faces of those.”

This classic story is about what you see is what you get. The truth is it is neither good nor bad. It is what you think it is. It has no substance or nature outside of what you have inside your mind.

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My whole life I knew I would be rich. I literally envisioned it. I would later achieve this and I encourage every one to do the same.  I have discovered mental pictures are more powerful than physical pictures. Although both are important they are the difference between sight and vision.


Seeing the Future

I had a 9th grade teacher who saw I was the class clown. She did something other teachers didn’t do. She encouraged it, she even gave me the last 10 minutes of class whenever we finished early and let me crack my jokes. This outlet let me stop being a disruption and make me a headliner. Early on she saw the vision that I could hold the classes attention, but she needed to direct it. So, not only would I not be a disruption I would also be assets. This action led me to what you see today. A speaker… Along with the knowledge that to be successful you have to be able to speak in front of groups, and hold their attention.




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