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Debunking some Myths

This speech is about debunking some myths.

We live every day with platitudes that are simply wrong. These platitudes help shape our philosophy that shapes our lives. This speech uncovers 12 of these, the short version is below.

  1. Knowledge is Power… the use of knowledge is power
  2. Bus driver knew astronomy. Bill Gates knew how to apply this principle even if it was putting salt on fries.
  3. Practice makes perfect… perfect practice makes perfect (Shaq free-throws)
  4. You should be on time for work…. You should be early for work.
  5. If you arrive at 5pm for a 5pm appointment you are 15 minutes late. You should always arrive 10-15 minutes early.
  6. You should work hard to own your own home. Mortgage comes from the word mort. This mortgage was always intended to last for until your death.
  7. Who is the government? We the people, we are a republic also, not a democracy.

8. Success is like good, it is quantitative there is no measure for this. It can only be measured by one-self.

  1. Robin Hood is a theft, he was not a hero.
  2. Never say if the cause is good, it is ok to do wrong. The military calls this collateral damage. We should have no collateral damage in our lives.
  3. Know when to quit. There is never a time to quit. You quit once you reach your goals.
  4. Handicaps are in the minds of individuals, not in their physical impairments.
  5. There is a big difference between simple and easy. Simple means requiring little thought, easy usually refers to both simple and doesn’t require large amounts of work. Something simple could be very hard work.


There are some words, which have been condensed and as they were shrunken the words often times lost their meaning. Here are a few.

alone – short for all in one

lonely – a state of being isolate by ones self.

nothing – short for not a thing

beware – short for be aware

no way – short for not a way

ya’ll – you all

ain’t  – am not

abuse – abnormal use


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