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Bulb In Hands

Everything is Energy


Let’s imagine together a new world. A world in which everything is fluid, like water. Absolutely everything. There’s no ground to walk on because it’s fluid, there’s no walls to you can walk right through them. Everything made up of vibrations. In such a world the current limitations become less of an obstacle. For instance, to see how someone feels you could look at their vibrations. You could physically and visibility see if they are vibrating at a positive level or at a negative level, in a good mood or in a bad mood. You could see if they are in love and if the object of their love has the same vibrations.

In such a world you would probably also be able to see that someone who dies their vibration simply went to another physical place, but still exists. If all this was possible on some level we’d be able to communicate with loved ones forever even if only as some form of vibration what we one day wish we could interpret.

One of my favorite definitions is emotion. Emotions are energy in motion. Faith without works is “DEAD”.

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