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The Fearful Television

Television Addiction

This speech is about my fight with my addiction. This is a very deep subject and it will be hard for me to get out, but I feel it’s something that could greatly benefit all of us.

The dictionary defines an addiction as – The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something

One of the reasons why shows like Good Times & What’s happening because those characters don’t really exist in our black culture and society. But pieces of them do, which makes interesting television. So, if you don’t know any black people these are your initial views of us. (Shiftless, Lazy, Indecisive, jokesters not to be taken seriously.)

Helps perpetuate short term memory. Trains your mind to concentrate for 8 minutes at a time, then break. Opposite of reading. So, when one tries to read they revert back to their embedded habits enforced through hours of watching television.

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