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Speeches That Guide

Speeches That Guide

This speech for the most part has been designed as a guide. If you are reading this please do not think of this book as an exact science for it is not. More of a loose way of seeing the world that will help guide you along the path to a successful life whatever you define that as.

Men Like Sports.

Take a statement like “Men like sports.” This isn’t true of all men, I’m not a big sports fan. True sometimes I get caught up in the magic and amazement of some of these athletes past stories and love watching these players develop. Also, by nature men have a competitive spirit which is easily displayed in sports. But overall I don’t keep up with sports day to day or which team is performing well. Or even for that matter have a favorite team. I may end up following a team as a result of a player I admire. However, I admire people like Zig Ziglar, Sam Walton, and a list of entrepreneurs that never played any sport. In a lot of ways I enjoy their stories more and find more value. But for one to assume that most men like sports wouldn’t completely in compass me or a class of men that subscribe to my philosophy.

Your backpack

Think of your life journey as a trip. On this trip you have a backpack. As we travel through life our goal is to put more things in your backpack to make your trip easier. Organization like Toastmasters for some will unleash their hidden potential and they will leave and become speakers.  For some it will become a instrument which goes into the backpack of life, to make their journey easier.

The Story of the Cashier

Imagine for a second you are a cashier at a restaurant. However, you have a gift in math. A gift so pround you can at a glance compute how much taxes will go on any order down to the cent. Not only that when you see a bill you can compute the amount of change. You have this skill in such abundance you are able to compute this faster than the register. One of the saddiest things to see is this type of mind only being able to work at a local resturant. The world is forever robbed of his apptitude to solve complex equations. Or robbed of this ability to develop software. This happens every day.

 Some skills

Some skills go unopened and undeveloped. It is up to us to find what we hold inside and unleash it on the world. If the location doesn’t allow for you to develop your skills then go to another location. A guy that’s good at basketball needs to take it to the court for it to be of any use. Make certain you find your court.


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