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What are Universal Laws?

 What are Universal Laws?

We know that our universe is govern by universal laws. Like the law of gravity.

The universal law of you reap what you sow will be further explained. We know from text books and science you cannot plant tomato seeds and apples grow. If they do grow we know it was not a result of the tomato seeds. Now, what must you plan to get results in your life? Results from being more effective at sports, to writing, to speaking, and a host of other services that can be done to help you grow and achieve.

I have two friends one both of whom are in awesome physical shape. One played football and followed the coachs instructions to the letter. Another who studied body building? He knew what foods to eat, and what exercises to do. The one is operating under a law, a physical science. The other it happened just out of advice from friends and other football players and the coaches instructions. Even though the results were similar one operated in science the other in mystery. This speech will make concrete the law of attraction, law of prosperity, the law of success. This isn’t a religious message, but so much of this can be found in texts since the beginning of time, and yes the bible is one of them.

Now what are what must be done to get positive results in your life? What methods has been used since the beginning of time. What have millionaires and billionaires used to make this happen. This speech will release the not so secret formula. This speech can be given to adults and children 11th grade and up. This isn’t suited to elementary kids or middle school kids.

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