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Do Something Great

Do something Great

Greatness, Do something Great.

Mutations in x men, Magneto based on Malcolm X. Professor X based on Martin Luther King. Amazing struggle of x men was the civil rights movement. Which is an oxymoron in itself. But the face that he categorized Africans as super human with amazing powers says something about you. Not the race thing, don’t take that small portion and run.

Further break down Magneto and Malcolm X, violence. .

Malcolm X also had a militant attitude. Approached problems like an attorney. Wanted to be one at a young age, ever speech is approached like an attorney.

Professor X, protector of humans, Martin Luther KingĀ is a greater leader like professor X because he never said use this power against anyone. Even if they misuse their power. Amazing, quote “don’t judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character” something as amazing as Jesus would say. In fact ,when we to get to heaven I bet Jesus will be opening for MLK one of the greatest orators to live. Every speech approached like a preacher. Creatively because he saw religion as the way to get his message to the masses. Even look at college career. He was a genius that went to college at a young age……

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