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Large Estate

Why the Rich do What they do…

Why the rich do what they do.. Rich people seem to have a sixth sense for attracting wealth. The rich seem to almost know something about our society, and human nature that escapes regular differences. I’m going to give some reasons why the rich do what they do so you can understand some of the habits […]

Eye Opening

What’s the Difference between vision and sight.

What’s the Difference between vision and sight. Where do you see you? You don’t actually think and see with your eyes. A scientist will tell you sight actually occurs in your mind. Ask yourself what’s the difference between Vision and Sign, Vision vs Sight. Note you see me in your mind. Close your eyes and […]

Hand Close

Debunking some Myths

This speech is about debunking some myths. We live every day with platitudes that are simply wrong. These platitudes help shape our philosophy that shapes our lives. This speech uncovers 12 of these, the short version is below. Knowledge is Power… the use of knowledge is power Bus driver knew astronomy. Bill Gates knew how to […]

Bulb In Hands

Everything is Energy

ENERGY Let’s imagine together a new world. A world in which everything is fluid, like water. Absolutely everything. There’s no ground to walk on because it’s fluid, there’s no walls to you can walk right through them. Everything made up of vibrations. In such a world the current limitations become less of an obstacle. For […]

Lion Looking Back

How similar we are to the Mighty Lions

How similar we are to the Mighty Lion Now as a small memento, I would like to add the lion to a common scenario in our society.  Imagine for a second that two lions approach each other in the wild, what happens is a brief test amongst lions. In the wild it’s usually to establish […]


The skill of communication

 The Skill of Communication Communication is the most important skill you can learn.  Yes, it’s a skill you learn. Some people are born with an inherent affinity to speak, but it must be learned and honed. Now, I have to clarify learned skill from a unlearned skill.  Communication is defined as [i]a.) The imparting or […]

Plant Growing

What are Universal Laws?

 What are Universal Laws? We know that our universe is govern by universal laws. Like the law of gravity. The universal law of you reap what you sow will be further explained. We know from text books and science you cannot plant tomato seeds and apples grow. If they do grow we know it was […]

Do Something Great

Do something Great

Greatness, Do something Great. Mutations in x men, Magneto based on Malcolm X. Professor X based on Martin Luther King. Amazing struggle of x men was the civil rights movement. Which is an oxymoron in itself. But the face that he categorized Africans as super human with amazing powers says something about you. Not the […]

Dope Hat

Lets do dope together

D.O.P.E. This was one of my favorite speeches. Because of the title. I specifically designed it for one reason. To get your attention. To teach any lesson you must get people’s attention. Les Brown once had a speaking engage in which he had the audience rolling laughing. Someone walked up to him and said, “You […]